Float North is a community of people that are focused on helping you feel and be your best. We provide a non-judgmental environment by listening and tailoring our services to help you heal however best serves your needs.

Our Story

My name is Dana Highfill, and I’m the owner of Float North. I have spent much of my life recovering and healing from the stresses and traumas of our modern world and have created a sanctuary for others to do the same. As the saying goes, you can’t pour from an empty cup; when we fill our own cup, we can be there for others.

I’ve been a massage therapist since 2008. In 2006 I started a qigong and meditation practice and in 2011 I floated for the first time. That first float took me deeper than any meditation practice ever had, and I left feeling mentally and physically amazing. From that first experience, I knew that I wanted to open a float and massage therapy center.

Float North is a state-of-the-art wellness facility in NE Portland that serves all people who want to amplify their physical, emotional, and mental health. It took years of research, finding a location, getting funding, and seven months to build one of the most beautiful float centers in Portland.

Dana Highfill

Owner/Operator, LMT

We center our work on the following values:


At Float North, we value building authentic connections with our clients. We see ourselves as part of a greater healing community and that the more we are connected to ourselves, the more we can be connected to others and give back meaningfully to marginalized people in our community.


We aim to be a resource and share our deep knowledge about ways to heal and improve quality of life. What we share is focused on what individuals need to know and utilize to improve their lives.


We believe in a sustainable wellness practice custom to each individual for personal growth. Everyone who comes in deserves its benefits: better self-awareness, lower stress levels, more creativity, a sense of direction, greater clarity, and improved focus and effectiveness.

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