Yoga Classes April 2021

Class offerings are limited due to COVID-19. We allow 5 students maximum in each class, masks are required, we are able to provide ample physical distance between each student in our 900+ sq ft studio. 

Current Class Offerings:

YoMassage with Jessica Niforos RYT, LMT: 

Clients can experience therapeutic touch in a community environment, fully clothed, while in restorative positions and practicing mindfulness. Offering massage in a small group setting allows Jessica to offer her services at a more accessible price point and creates a safe and welcoming environment for clients. Jessica was initially drawn to this modality simply to serve more clients who may not have the means to get regular bodywork. After researching more about YoMassage, she found that it was a great tool for practicing mindfulness while also being trauma informed.

The goal of a YoMassage treatment is deep relaxation. The combination of light touch,  restorative stretch and mindfulness helps to activate the parasympathetic nervous system or the "rest and digest" response. Each sessions starts with 5 minutes of breathing or a mindfulness exercise. A typical session consists of 5-6 restorative stretch positions each held for 8-10 minutes while each client receives light massage in each position. In our spacious movement studio, we have plenty of space to spread out and luxuriate in the relaxation we can create together in a YoMassage session. After this long year of socially and physically distancing ourselves from one another, we can start to feel connected to each other once again.

We have 2 separate classes available: Saturday, April 17th and Saturday, May 1st from 9:30 - 11 am

Restorative Flow with Jessica: ***This class is currently full. Please contact us if you are interested in attending the next 4 class series.***

A gentle, restorative class for ALL bodies. The class will be gently paced at the beginning and will then wind down into completely restorative poses. A great hump day yoga class. Fat friendly, for all ages and abilities. 

This 4 class series starts Wednesday, April 14th at 5pm.

***This class is currently full. Please contact us if you are interested in attending the next 4 class series.***

Mindful Yoga and Breath Practice with Verna Burden, MS, RD, RYT:

Verna’s approach stems from her own experience of yoga & breath practices as well as her tenacious belief in the capacity for humans to heal & grow. She offers movement & breath practices with a deep respect for the uniqueness of each & every body. Whether you seek a better relationship with your body, have specific areas that you know need special care, or are looking for a new way to access your inner drive & wisdom, Verna will offer the time & space for you to practice partnering with your body & mind.

Individual classes on Thursday, April 22nd, 29th from 4-5 pm.

Sliding Scale opportunities available for all classes.

Bring your own mat or purchase one in the shop.

May 2021 Stress Relief Program

Join me, Dana, in a 6-week or 12-week Stress Relief Program. You’ll get the tools and encouragement you need to get back in balance, reduce stress, and thrive. 

This is the second time I’ve offered a program like this. I encourage those who plan to participate to be part of co-creating this program. Your input will be instrumental in designing this and future programs. I’m so excited!!!

Book a 30-minute consultation to get started or to learn more. Book online:

We have experienced a series of remarkable events globally and locally and the impact of these events is continuing to unfold. Now is the time to get support and develop a practice to help you not only reduce stress, but to be your best at work, at home, and in your creative endeavors. 

During the program you will receive a treatment plan, education, resources, referrals, and support to reconnect you with your inner wisdom and wellbeing. We take the time to talk about your goals and challenges and provide the tools to help you meet those challenges.

I have been in the wellness industry for over 15 years. I have studied, experienced, and practiced many forms of healing. Please, use my passion, experience, and support to shift from surviving to thriving in 2021 and beyond! Read more about my background here

Whether you would like to reduce stress, anxiety, and depression, or you would simply like to wake up feeling refreshed and alive, I am here for you!  

Rent Float North's Studio

The Studio at Float North offers 900+ square feet of space for your workshop, meeting or class. It is convenient to downtown, I-5, I-84, Trimet bus lines and Max red line. We have onsite parking (car and bicycle) in an underground parking garage located next to our entrance. Bathrooms, hot/cold water, yoga equipment and more onsite. See PDF for more details. We are wheelchair accessible.

There are a variety of restaurants just outside the front door that would be happy to assist you with any dining needs during class and also makes convenient lunch options for your attendees.

Rent by the hour, 1/2 day, or day: classes, workshops, meetings, private parties, and more.

Call 503-659-1212 or email  to rent the studio. 

Read our Studio Rental Agreement PDF