When should I arrive?

If you’re a new client, give yourself extra time for parking, filling out intake paperwork, and taking a tour. There is a parking garage next to our entrance. You may park for free in any numbered, undesignated spot. We suggest you arrive 15-20 minutes early and take a few minutes to unwind in the lobby and ask any questions before your appointment. Entering your session in a relaxed state will maximize your experience.

We ask that you please refrain from using scented products before your appointments. Thank you!

Is Float North wheelchair accessible?

Yes. Float North was not required by the City of Portland to be ADA accessible, but we believe it is important to make Float North as accessible as possible for everyone. That includes parking, bathrooms, and the float and massage facilities themselves.

Parking: Park in the “Reserved Parking” spot next to the parking garage entrance or park in the parking garage and use the elevator to come up to the main level. There is a long hallway that goes through the building that leads to our front door.

Float: The open float pool is designed for people in wheelchairs and for larger, taller bodies. There is an ADA compliant shower, a transfer ledge to get into the pool, and transfer handles. If you need help getting into the pool please bring someone who is trained to assist you.

Massage: We have an electric massage table that can be lowered to 17″ off the ground to allow an easy transfer from wheelchair to massage table.

If you have additional questions about accessibility, please call us at 503-659-1212

Do you accept insurance for massage therapy?

We accept auto accident and workers compensation cases with a doctors prescription or referral. Please email or call us prior to booking an insurance billed session so we can gather the necessary information. We typically respond within 1 business day.

We are not accepting new clients for massage or manual therapy billed through your health insurance. 

Questions about Floating?

Questions about Massage?