Float North

Floor Plans Complete! (For Now)

The floor plans are complete and we are in the process of getting bids from contractors. Once we get the bids there may need to be additional changes to the floor plans either to reduce cost or because the contractor makes a suggestion. I am getting bids from 4-5 contractors and will meet with each in person to talk about the project.

Right now the floor plan includes:

  • 4 Ocean Float Rooms
  • 1 ADA king sized open pool
  • 3 massage therapy rooms
  • a reception with tea bar and a lounge
  • IR Sauna for 6 people
  • Post-float beauty bar
  • Staff kitchenette
  • laundry/utility area

Because the building is above an underground car garage that gets a lot of use, we are putting a raised floor on top of the existing slab. The raised floor will mitigate sound coming up through the concrete slab. It will also add considerably to the cost, hence the potential need to change the floor plans once we get construction bids.

This will be my first time meeting with contractors and discussing a project like this. I have no idea what to expect, and I’m excited to find a contractor that I work well with who can do the unique, quality work a float center needs.

Building a float center is like building a recording studio that’s also a fish tank.”

  • – Float On