3 North Float Front Desk

Interior Design

The floor plans and construction bid have been completed for some time now. I’ve been working with an interior designer on selecting materials. He created some quick renderings to give an idea of how the color schemes and furniture could look. I’ve included them here.

View of the lobby from the sidewalk


The part of the project that has slowed things down has been the loan. I worked with WellsFargo for about 2 months and after lots of back and forth, they were not able to give me a loan on terms that made sense for the business. I’ve since been working with Umpqua and Northwest Bank. I hope to have a letter of intent on the loan in the next 2 weeks. Once I’ve secured the loan I can sign the lease and start the permitting process. It’s been a loooooong, slow journey! I’ll update you all as soon as I have news on the loan.  Stay tuned.

Lobby view from the front desk


Float Room


Massage Therapy Room


Ready Room