The construction documents are waiting for permits with the City of Portland. They’ve been with the city since August. It is now November.

The majority of the delay is due to updated city codes. The building was built in 2005 (not that long ago for a building) and since then the city updated its plumbing requirements. The building takes up the majority of the city block and has 5 stories of condominiums above. The owner of the building has to replace the 2″ backflow pipes with 4″ backflow pipes. He is reticent to do this until my loan is ready to be approved.

The loan approval is contingent on the fixed price contract I am able to agree on with my general contractor, Jeff. So far, we’re working on reducing the price of the buildout. Once I receive a price that is within my budget the owner of the building will commit to the upgrade on the building and permits will be issued.