Our 2 most popular options are the Float Massage Combo and The Trifecta.

Click the name of the item or package to purchase a printable gift certificate. 


Float $85

New Client Float $74

Floating for the first time is a little like learning how to ride a bicycle. We encourage you to try it a few times to get the hang of it. After your New Client Float you'll have the option to purchase the "Package of 3 Floats" for $165. We’ll send you a welcome email and fun info about how to utilize float therapy to improve your life! Once you've determined floating is something you want to incorporate into your routine, become a member to get a discounted floats. Standard floats are 60 minutes. 


60 Minute Float & Massage 

The Trifecta!

60 Minute Float & 90 Minute Massage 

Float + Massage + Float 

Package of 10 Floats 

Let us know if you would like a package that you don’t see here.


60-minutes $105

90-minutes $145

SomaWave Therapy

30-minutes $20

60-minutes $40

An energizing and relaxing session on its own or in addition to your float/massage session! SomaWave Therapy is the use of low-frequency sine waves to bring the body into deep relaxation, allowing the brain to release mood-lifting neurochemicals. Special speakers are installed below the massage table. As a person’s body absorbs the sound vibrations, the low frequencies cause relaxation in muscle tissue, dilation of blood vessels and the opening of lymphatic pathways. 


1 Float per Month + perks $64

1 Float + 1 Massage per Month + perks $170

Membership perks: Additional floats are only $64 each whether you're using them for yourself or bringing a friend in for their first float!
You can also purchase gift certificates at your membership price. Cancel anytime after the 3-month minimum commitment.