Introductory 3 float pack

We recommend starting your float practice with our Introductory Three Float Pack. Every float is different. The more you float, the more you benefit!


During your first float, you may need some time to get used to the new environment.


During your second float, your mind and body are learning how to relax without gravity.

Let Go

Your mind and body really let go in your third float and your experience grows from there!

We recommend floating every other week for the first 3 weeks and then backing your float practice off to a monthly float. You’ll sleep better, feel less stressed, and if you’re in pain your body will get the downtime it needs to heal.

Limitations: 1 per customer, not-shareable

Wanna know more about why we encourage you to start with 3 floats?

The first time you float, you’re getting used to a new environment.
Soaking in liquid magnesium allows your largest organ, your skin, to benefit from this essential nutrient in a way it can’t get through your digestive tract. When your magnesium levels are maintained it helps reduce anxiety, strengthen bones, regulate hormones, relax muscles, and more. Here’s a great article on magnesium benefits.

Floating rehydrates your cells!
As we age our cells get dehydrated. A dehydrated cell doesn’t function well and slowly weakens. On top of that our cells accumulate waste material and rehydration helps move the waste material out. Drinking water helps, but it’s not the same as rehydrating through your skin. Dr. Mercola has a great videohere. The part about rehydrating from float therapy is at the 45-minute mark.

The first time you float, you’re getting used to a new environment.
For many people, they feel more curious than relaxed and your first float might be more about exploring your new environment. The first float and second float are very different experiences.

Take the time to learn what you like.
It gives you a chance to try different float rooms and see which room you like best.

Your first float can give you many benefits physically, mentally, and emotionally.
Some benefits like better sleep or fewer migraines come once you’ve floated regularly for a while.

Try floating at different times.
You can try floating in the mornings, on a weekend, or in the evening. See what works best for your schedule and your body.

Alternatively, floating at the same time of day on the same day of the week is a power factor in priming your body for the experience.
Our bodies respond well to regular schedules. In other words, floating in a rhythm primes your mind and body for the experience.

The more you do float the better you get at it.
It seems strange to say this when floating is basically “doing” nothing. We’re trained to value productivity and staying busy. What happens when you slow down and enjoy yourself? The life-changing effects of floating occur because your body learns how to slow down and be present.

We all have different backgrounds and for some people relaxing can be stressful.
Floating is a great way to help the nervous system come down out of the sympathetic nervous system (aka fight-or-flight) and into the parasympathetic nervous system (aka rest-and-digest). Resting deeply helps all of our bodies’ systems get back into balance. (If you’re nervous about scheduling your first float, try SomaWave Therapy first and get a tour while you’re here!)

Floating after a workout vs floating after work.
Try ‘em both and see what you like best!

So what are you waiting for?

Limitations: 1 per customer, not-shareable