Float Tank

Dana’s story

Dana Highfill first floated in 2011 at Float On in Portland, OR. She immediately knew she would someday open a float center.

Dana floated every other week for a few years, making sure it wasn’t a hipster fad. She now floats weekly and knows the benefits are deep and cumulative, like any practice.

In 2012 she attended the first ever Float Conference hosted by Float On and met friend Jeremy, owner of Mudra Massage, operating one float tank along with a robust massage therapy business. In February 2015 Dana completed the Float Apprenticeship for business owners where she learned how to build, run, and market a float center from the co-founders of Float On, arguably the most successful float center in the US.

The Float Apprenticeship scared the pants of Dana (both of ’em). She was daunted by the large, expensive task of building a soundproof, salt-proof and waterproof facility. In Portland there are 4 float centers and Dana has tried them all and become friends with the owners.  The float industry is unique for many reasons one of them being the support and encouragement from so called competitors. She has continued to float in different float centers in Portland and abroad to get an idea of the variety offered in this emerging industry.

As a massage therapist, Dana was naturally curious about the combined effects of massage and floatation therapy. Experiments such as floating 5 days in a row and receiving bodywork on 3 of those 5 days have given her an understanding of the lasting benefits of combining massage and floating.

At Float North we offer clients the chance to get a massage before and/or after their float in order to exponentially increase the benefits of both therapies. More stories coming!