The Float Massage Combo is the reason I built Float North. Combining float therapy and massage therapy are absolutely incredible for your well-being.

Here are just some of the amazing benefits of combining these two modalities.

● Hydrate the skin and connective tissue (your muscles and joints will thank you and your hair and skin will glow).
● Calm the nervous system (and who doesn’t need that right now?).
● Release endorphins naturally.
● Both are a form of preventative healthcare. When you take time for yourself physically, mentally, and emotionally it reduces the amount of stress and illness you experience.

We recommend floating first and getting a massage afterward. Your tissue will be more pliable, your mind will be quiet, and your skin will be hydrated after the float.

The float massage combo is a wonderful addition to your wellness practice during COVID. Our services help strengthen the immune system by reducing stress, increasing hydration, and increasing quality of sleep.

Our bodies can heal themselves but we need to give them time and attention.

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